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Holidays in Upper Austria


Upper Austria is the third biggest province of Austria. The capital Linz, with a population of 186,298 inhabitants, is situated 260m above sea level and has is an important economic and industrial centre thanks to its advantageous position on the Danube and the “Salt Street” (which runs from the Salzkammergut to Bohemia). Linz is also an important university town and centre for education.
From the geographical point of view Upper Austria is a region between the mountains of the west and the border of the Eastern and Northern Alps. Upper Austria is defined geographically by the hills of the Bohemian Massif in the North, the fertile pre-alpine countryside and the alpine region with numerous glacial lakes and mountains.
Cultural attractions make Upper Austria a highly popular destination for lovers of history and culture. Many dimensions of history and culture are waiting to be discovered - beautiful monasteries, cultural events, the continuation of ancient ways and traditions and more. The highlights of the “Culture Summer 2003“ are the Ars Electronic Festival and the “Brucknerfest”.
Linz is worth a visit due to the industrial history of the town. On the “Street of Iron” there are a number of attractions to be discovered. The “Sensenschmiedemuseum Micheldorf” (scythe museum) is a unique attraction that lets you take a trip down the corridors of time as a "Schwarzer Graf" or ‘Black Landlord’ as the former scythe smiths were called. There is also the “Klangwelten” (worlds of sound) where you can experience the magic and wonder of sound and all its possibilities.

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